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Hey Guys, there is a free webinar that has been organized on 26th August by Admit Advantage. The key factors for the webinar are
  1. Mitigating weakness
  2. Key to resume success
  3. Planning in MBA in advance
  4. Conquering the interviews
  5. Changing careers-how to position yourself for success

To register for free, please fill the following form:  Registration

Admit Advantage: A team of MBA Alumnis helping clients unlocking their full potential as MBA Applicants.
Want more?
: Sure, send us your questions to and we will try to address them during the webinar


How to crack GMAT in 2 weeks?

August 27, 2009 at 3:34 pm | Posted in GMAT | 5 Comments

Who would find this post useful:

– GMAT Test takers whose test is within a few days and are frantically looking for help

– GMAT Test takers who are stuck at a particular score like 630 and are unable to improve the score

– Test takers who have the basics in the pocket, but still get too many questions wrong on practice tests.

– Those who want to look beyond bookish concepts – because books provide the knowledge but not many provide the NEXT step “how to apply this knowledge to solve tricky/difficult problems”

This is going to be a short post (I think).  Before I go any further I want to give the rationale for this post => What most people miss in their GMAT preparation is to “understand how a simple concept like “square [4 equal sides, 4 equal angles]” or “even/odd [divisible or not by 2]”  can be twisted into making questions difficult”. A good understanding of this phenomenon, and then good amount practice with such problems can go a long way making things a lot more clearer. Otherwise GMAT syllabus looks very straightforward.

So what do you do? – If you are the self-study type you can look at the plethora of resources available online (loosing focus yet?) and figure it out yourself.  If you are running out of time then you are probably looking for more focused reference and I have found just the thing for youScoreChase GMAT Crash Course .  A 7-8 hour crash course which focuses primarily on problem solving and not bookish concepts.  It includes – live online instructor led sessions (problem solving/concept discussion), additional practice problems and Q&A support via email (so you dont have to wait for the next session if you have any query).   Impressive? Here is more – it is available at a price of $145 $99 (for those who enroll before August 31st, 09). Amounts to about $10 per hour …. A GREAT VALUE !.

Have questions? contact ScoreChase:

Free Daily GMAT Practice Questions

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I was just informed that ScoreChase have started their GMAT Weekly Quests again.  As I indicated before the difficulty level of these questions is usually 700+ but if you are targetting that score, its perfect to rack your brains against it. Check out the GMAT Weekly Quests forum . The first question would be posted this weekend.

But wait! There is more news .. they have also started DAILY GMAT Practice questions.  One Question a day – suspense is it could be either math or verbal. Check out the GMAT Daily Practice Questions forum.

For subscribing to these questions via email, please click here:

Subscribe to Weekly Quests by Email: GMAT Weekly Quests

Subscribe to Weekly Quests RSS: GMAT Weekly Quests

Free online live session on gmat math

November 8, 2008 at 2:32 pm | Posted in GMAT | 1 Comment
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Hagrid just informed me that Guardian is going to take a free live session on 15th November 2008 (GMAT Math). You have got nothing to loose go ahead and register:

Register for free online live gmat math session

Negative remainders, factors, integers, multiples webcast

May 6, 2008 at 2:48 pm | Posted in GMAT | 1 Comment
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Concepts on GMAT Number theory such as Integers, remainder theorem, positive, negative, zero and its properties, multiples can be fairly confusing. The Number theory workshop is supposed to concentrate on basics and problem solving techniques to handle questions based on these concepts.

If you are weak in math and would like a small nudge, I strongly recommend this workshop. The price is just $7.99 which is a complete steal and well worth the money!

Here is the link:

GMAT Math Probability, Permutations and Combinations

April 17, 2008 at 2:35 pm | Posted in GMAT | 3 Comments
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This is a video I found on Its a sample video, still it talks about Basic Counting Principle, one of the very important principles used in both Probability and Permutation, combinations questions. This is a part of their Math workshop on Probability, Permutations and Combinations which is available at quite affordable price. Having seen the real presentation, I can safely say that this presentation is of lower quality just for demonstration purposes. The real presentation is actually of much better quality.

Demo of Probability, permutations and combinations E-Workshop

GMAT Online Math (E) Workshop – Choose the next topic

March 26, 2008 at 5:06 pm | Posted in GMAT | Leave a comment

Which GMAT Math topics trouble you the most? Seek help now and learn from the experts. Pick your topic here:

read more | digg story

Scrambled resources, scattered thoughts, unhinged networks – Where is sanity?

February 12, 2008 at 5:58 pm | Posted in MBA | 1 Comment
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OK – every one loves to blog. MBA Aspriants, alumni, gmat aspirants – every one! They are all blogging separately with small network (if any) within themselves. Why not take a common platform and blog there – something line provides. A community with a space for everyone. Open your thoughts to a wider audience, network with already a thriving community. Network not just with the students of a particular B-school, but with would be students/alumni of different B-schools all over the world.

A lot of great thoughts and ideas are hidden in the information junk that internet is. So many blogs, few make it to the eyes of those who really want to know about it. Search engines dont always bring the best results out, searches dont always type the best queries in. Why cant all the bloggers – especially in the realm of MBA/GMAT/CAT and everything else related to MBA – combine in one platform. One place for information, one place to look for, open your ideas to a wider audience.

If you are a blogger who writes about MBA/GMAT I urge you to join and join the network.

GMAT Practice Questions – what is the correct difficulty to practice?

January 18, 2008 at 4:02 pm | Posted in GMAT | 4 Comments
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I have been following these questions for a while now. Easy questions are just that “easy” – they are not the ticket to a 700+ scores. GMAT is known to For 700+ scores one must be ready to tackle the most difficult questions. I have been following ScoreChase Weekly quests for some time now and I highly recommend them. The questions are not just difficult (otherwise I wouldnt have recommended them). Instead the questions consist of very important Math and Verbal concepts and a healthy discussion after that. I call them teasers (I have suggested this name to Hagrid). Teasers because most of these concepts we know but have no Idea how to apply.

You can subscribe to these questions by email [Click Here for GMAT Weekly Quests by email] , or visit GMAT Weekly Quests page on

Remember the harder you practice the easier it will be for you to tackle the tough ones on GMAT exam.

Debate – US MBA Now or later.

January 13, 2008 at 8:40 pm | Posted in MBA | 7 Comments

I have started this debate, and would like to hear your opinions. Please contribute:

US MBA – better now or later ?

I think in the times deemed to be called as recession, it is an important topic. What do you say?

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